Strong contrast is one of Kist’s specialties. By way of a daring use of lightness and darkness, he is able to create intriguing photographic images. He now also applies sharp contrast between model and material. The mysterious energy that is brought in front of his lends by the male models themselves, each in his own right a symbol of beauty and desirability, is explosively enhanced by the fact that each is immortalized against the backdrop of weathered planks. 

“In a sense, the photo is sprayed onto the base,” Kist explains, “The result is that the photo then becomes completely resistant to Ultra Violet light, through the use of special ink and lamps. It is a new technique, which ironically provides an aged effect.”

Kist very much enjoys the element of chance: “You cannot anticipate on everything. Ultimately, every bit of scrap wood is different; so that the drawings in the wood itself help to define the images.”

In addition to the artistic value of the work, Gert also sees the workings of a decorative component. “Every photograph is a lovely display of Old mixing in with the New, which could fit both in a modern as in a classical interior.”

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