Aernout Overbeeke - NDOTO, Tanzanian Dream

Aernout Overbeeke - Ndoto - Cover

"Ndoto – Tanzania Dream” focuses on the travels Aernout made to Tanzania. The overwhelming nature and the everyday life of the Masai are beautifully captured.

Aernout Overbeeke: “As a boy of 12 years old I wanted to see the world that I looked at in magazines as Life: far away, large, not easy to reach. But that all changed in the last decades. Now it’s easy travel around the world and one of the consequences is, that many places start to look like each other. That’s the tragic way of progress. I have to capture the old before it vanishes.”

Publisher: Ludion
Dimensions: 34 x 30 cm, 144 pages. Richly illustrated in color and black & white.

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