Silvio Zangarini - Eutopia


"And there was cubism. And the other faces were there as well.

There are sites and faces of people you thought you knew. But still, there is something hiding in a shadow. There is another side that sometimes you don’t see.

Eutopia exactly conveys this sense of disruption, of shy exploration. Through this work, Silvio creates a language to explain a sense of complexity. We hold multitudes and his works too. A confusion of different sides creates a clear sense of twofold reality.

Nice pictures of different nice and quiet people, melting down in an ugly fear of being different. Different any single second. One after the other. The faces and sites he presents gradually unravel, showing that you will never be able to know all the sides. Those images are too complex, made up by cubic memories and squared expectations."

Sergio Matalucci

© Eduard Planting Gallery | Fine Art Photographs - 2017
Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2 - 1016 KS Amsterdam - The Netherlands