Le Gazomètre Abandonné


“You should have absolutely no fear of heights or claustrophobia to enter a gasometer. It is an unnatural weird place without any kind of nature in it, a purely technical construction to hold gas and to distribute.”

A gas holder, sometimes called a gasometer, is a large container in which coal gas is stored near atmospheric pressure at ambient temperatures. Inside this forgotten gasometer the oxygen is horrible and low. Certainly when the weather is hot and when there is almost no wind. It is a giant closed tube with just a few openings for breathing. These openings are in fact for control and constructions works. The volume of the container follows the quantity of stored gas, with pressure coming from the weight of a telescopic movable cap. Heavyweight pulleys mounted on the cap are connected with steel cables.

Once the gas holder and attached power station where prosperous with a steel and heavy industry but now it has fallen silent in decline. Due to active protests in 2006 from Greenpeace about the coal fired power station it gained negative exposure and became subsequently closed in 2007. The area and suburbs are described as the most depressing in Europe, compared with Detroit in the USA. 

Sometimes these tanks are reconverted into diving facilities but, a sauna with swimming pool would also work. This one is located in a heavy industrial area and is abandoned since 2007. 

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