Van de Camp & Heesterbeek 2050-42 - Eduard Planting Gallery

Van de Camp & Heesterbeek 2050 – 42

From March 16 up and until April 26 | 2019, Eduard Planting gallery shows the most recent images of Van de Camp & Heesterbeek. Patricia van de Camp and Marc Heesterbeek are a photographic art duo. Their Spatio – Temporeel series handles beauty and truth and shows us wonderful black and white photography thats fresh and completely new in its creative appearance. Their Art introduces people to a reality with a different notion of beauty, space and time.

Patricia en Marc : ‘Reality doesn’t always present itself the way it really is’

They explore the relativity of reality and of beauty in particular.
There’s a classical view on beauty that one cannot add anything to it nor take away from it and not make things worse (Aristotle). They explore this notion through their Art where digitally manipulated photo’s and digitally created spacial objects are blended together. What happens if you leave out or add elements? In their search Patricia and Marc explore boundaries, asking themselves time and again how far they can wander from the classical notion of beauty without overshooting the mark.Without it becoming gaudy or forced and still retaining the power of the story. The technical element of their images could not have been realized without their wide knowledge of photography and graphic design.

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