Saskia Boelsums – Eduard Planting Gallery

Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam presents from 1 September until 20 October 2018 an exhibition of visual artist Saskia Boelsums. The Dutch photographer exhibits with ‘Landscapes’ for the first time at the gallery. The intriguing and still images reflect the beauty of Dutch landscapes with threatening cloudy skies; an interplay of composition, colour, forms and light.

For her landscape photography, Saskia Boelsums feels a strong connection to the Dutch tradition of landscape painters as Willem Maris, Paulus Potter and Jacob van Ruisdael. The nature and seasons are the greatest source of inspiration. In order to achieve a certain sensibility, the fine art photographer explores cold, darkness, fog and the threat of dark storm clouds. The current climate change creates a field of tension.

Saskia Boelsums (Amstelveen, 1960) grew up in Iran and Curaçao. In Groningen, the Netherlands, she attended the Minerva Art Academy and graduated in spatial and graphic design. Since 2013 she has fully focused on photography. With great success. She won a large number of prizes and nominations. Her autonomous work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Moscow and New York.

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