Eduard Planting Gallery | Landscape Photography by Saskia Boelsums

Eduard Planting Gallery | Landscape Photography

Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam presents from 12 October until 23 November 2019 an exhibition of visual artist Saskia Boelsums. The Dutch photographer exhibits with ‘Photographic Landscapes’ for the second time at the gallery. Simultaneously Terra Publishing launches a new photo book. The first retrospective book of the visual artist features one hundred wonderful pictures and is for sale in our gallery for € 49,95.

The landscape images created by Saskia Boelsums all show their own strong signature: overwhelming and picturesque. In the images, she shows the essence of her experience, making the atmosphere of the photographed landscapes tangible to the viewer. Nature and the changing seasons are the greatest sources of inspiration. The photographer feels a strong connection with the tradition of Dutch landscape painters such as Vincent van Gogh, Willem Maris and Jacob van Ruisdael. Enchanted by the same landscapes, Saskia Boelsums contains all of her expansive horizons and wild landscapes within the rigorous formal boundaries of the pure and modern square.

Saskia Boelsums (Amstelveen, 1960) grew up in Iran and Curaçao. In Groningen, the Netherlands, she attended the Minerva Art Academy and graduated in spatial and graphic design. Since 2013 she has fully focused on photography. With great success. She won a large number of prizes and nominations. Her autonomous work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Moscow and New York.

The photographer is a finalist for Dutch artist of the year 2020 together with Erwin Olaf, Daan Rosegaarde en Claudy Jongstra.

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