The art industry is at crossroads and the art-world is rapidly changing. ‘Old school’ galleries are slowing down and new ways of presenting one’s gallery inventory are developing. The Eduard Planting gallery wants to respond to this change in a way it can better serve you as a client of the gallery and support her artist/photographers better than before. This means changes are necessary in order to create this new gallery that can meet the challenges of the changing art market and is ready for the future.

One of the aspects of change is moving the gallery to a new and exciting location in Naarden-Vesting. We found a fantastic partner and a wonderful cooperation with the conceptstore of  ‘Het Arsenaal’.  This way we have better ways of presenting our artists in an interior designers environment and we’ll have possibilities to organize art events in the adjacent theater. About these new and upcoming art events and more we will inform you later this year. The members of the conceptstore ‘Het Arsenaal’ are next to our gallery, great partners and inspirators for all your interior ideas.

Our planning for the move is as follows:

Saturday March 21st the exposition ‘A Tribute to Terry O’Neill’ will end. This will be the last exposition in our current location at the Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat in Amsterdam and there will be no more regular opening hours !!

The gallery stays open but  ….‘by appointment only’….  until the end of april.

As of May 1st you can contact us for an appointment in ‘Het Arsenaal’ in Naarden . In September 2020 we will festively open our new location with an Art event. In the mean time you’re very welcome at our new location for some coffee or lunch at the indoor brasserie. Please contact me by mail ( or phone (06-53293000) for an appointment.

Feiko Koster