Project omschrijving

Elected ‘Kunstenaar van het jaar 2020’

Visual artist Saskia Boelsums photographs landscapes with threatening skies. Wonderful images reminiscent of the old Dutch masters such as Maris and Ruysdael. Nature and the seasons are – just like with her predecessors – her biggest source of inspiration and she experiences nature as an inexhaustible source of beauty. In a short time she has built a strong name in the world of art photography.

Feeling is what Saskia is all about. Only at code yellow, when the weather is bad, she strolls trough the fields to shoot her pictures. “I’m photographing at times when most people think it’s too bad to go outside. What I am feeling at moments like that, I want to share with the viewer. Cold, darkness, fog, the threatening of dark storm clouds. By exploring these landscapes and the different seasons, I feel connected to the universe. That intense feeling is what I want to pass on.”

Saskia Boelsums - Eduard Planting Gallery



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