Peter Keetman (1916 – 2005) was a German photographer. He became interested in photography through his father, a passionate amateur photographer. From 1925 he attended the Bayerische Staatslehranstalt für Lichtbildwesen in Munich, later working in the studio of the photographer Gertrud Hesse in Duisburg and as an industrial photographer for the firm of C. H. Schmeck in Aachen. He then completed his studies with Adolf Lazi (1884-1955) in Stuttgart in 1948. He was one of the founder-members of the Fotoform group in 1949 with Otto Steinert and others. He showed with them at the first Photokina exhibition in 1950, proving one of the strictest and most consistent representatives of the new ‘Subjektive Fotografie’.

His preference for black and white enhanced his strong designs, often based around the effects of light on the subject. Keetman’s reputation was based on his experimental photographs of drops of water, such as Drops of Water Reflected (1959), tubes and abstractions of the Volkswagen car factory, Eine Woche in Volkswagenwerk. His work was also published in München, Lebenskreise einer Stadt and Bayerisches Seenland, Natur und Kunst vor Münchens Toren. From 1980 he worked as a freelance commercial and industrial photographer in Thiersee, Austria.