Project omschrijving

Mirjam Appelhof (NL) started to use photography in 2010. She felt the need to visualize her feelings. She takes her inspiration from life, including the difficult stages, her dreams, her desires, translating this into sometimes confrontational but almost always poetic works of art.

She creates worlds that don’t exist, by means of photographing the smallest details with her macro lens, thus trying to give those parts meaning and depth, full of fantasy and feelings. But you can create your own story with them as well.

Everything you see in her images is created by herself, combining many images, layer for layer in Photoshop. Shooting and editing, all completely self-taught. She enjoys this process and the expressiveness of the image. It is a deep introspection in her mind and her surroundings and she’s happy to have finally found her way in art: photography.

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