Project Description

Micky Hoogendijk, born in The Netherlands, makes iconic photos and objects that capture man’s vulnerability while also exposing hidden yet powerful and majestic beauty.

The starting point in Hoogendijk’s work is an encounter, dream or object that culminates in an explosion of ideas. On set, Hoogendijk allows her model’s instinct and personality to melt together with her camera and drive her creative inspiration.

Hoogendijk coaxes trust, contact and vulnerability from her subjects in order to produce an image from which the viewer can then create his own world. Recurring themes are religion, society and mythology; her work provokes fundamental queries about life and our existence.

Art has always been part of her life. Hoogendijk grew up in an international art scene in Europe, surrounded by artists, art dealers, theater makers, dancers and actors. She spent years in front of the camera as an actress and model. The transition came when her late mother’s last gift, a camera, inspired her and became the drive behind the creation of new life.

Hoogendijk chooses innovative printing technologies to create images with depth and richness, so they appear almost three-dimensional. Micky Hoogendijk currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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