Project Description

I see, smell, hear and feel. It is irresistible and irrepressible. Narratives and images start to form in my head, which at first I cannot grasp. With time they take a clear shape, as I now know from experience. And then. Then it is time for action. Time to deliver what my heart and mind have been stirring inside of me. It wants escape…no it has to escape.

It is high time to get started. I deepen my understanding of norms and values held by ancient and current society. I go out to harvest, to hunt, to fish and to collect organic and artificial objects. Friends lend me their most precious attributes. Once I have found what I want, I look for a location. Is it self-evident? How is the shading? How fascinating is the surface and background? Then comes the composition, precision to the millimetre. Being a perfectionist, this comes naturally to me. By times I need a model and also here I consider being picky as an extremely important asset. When all is in place – after weeks, sometimes a month or more – I’m ready for the grand finale. Only then…Click. Photographer for just one second.

Every single picture has a long history, of which only I am aware. No one else sees what I’ve done and knows what has been playing in my head whilst creating these images. You don’t need to. They are made for your imagination. Every picture can tell a thousand stories, one probably and hopefully better than the other. My own story is just one of them.

Time. I live in all times, bridging centuries in my thinking and in my work. My greatest passion is called purity. I use my camera like a paintbrush and palette. I ‘paint’ natural. Nothing can beat natural light. No artificial tricks, what you see came straight out of my camera. So pure.

You will never get to see the best of fifty shots, simply because I will never take fifty. Only one, sometimes two or three…that’s all. There is no coincidence, what you see was my intent. Precisely this.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my work.”

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