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Daniel Laan at Valar-Morghulis

Daniel Laan loves to convey dark, moody and ethereal aspects often found in melancholic music through photography and post-processing, landscape photography has always been a tool for self-discovery for him.

He started photography when he was about nine years old and held his dad’s Pentax for the first time. His visual style sprung for a love for Science Fiction and Fantasy films and the art found in collectible card games. He started hiking and landscape photography to enjoy the outdoors even more than he already did. Things then really kicked off when he learned the ropes of post-processing and matte painting. As soon as he followed his heart, his photos, articles, tutorials and reviews were published in many magazines around the world and on even more websites.

His main body of work are the mystical, moody scenes he doesn’t find in nature, but in the depths of his own psyche. Nature serves as a host and a source of inspiration to materialize his painterly approach to fine-art photography.He doesn’t care for politics or fast cars or the latest gadgets. He cares about the environment!

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