Aleksander Willemse

Alek|Sander Willemse started his career as a photographer and concept maker. A professional experience that will shape his artistic career later on. As a kid he was an avid flower collector, throughout the years he kept the interest of collecting and photographing different flower types until his adulthood.
What started as a children’s pastime became an inspiration for his artistic career. Alek|Sander creates his compositions using different sort of flowers that were individually photographed. Based on his flower archives, he creates modern still life for a contemporary public. Through his artworks the artist brings a message of cheerfulness to the viewer. The so-called information age, which means that we are flooded with news and content every day, is the reality of large parts of society.
Therefore, it is increasingly attractive to ‘dream away’ from everyday routine. ‘Welcome to the world of happiness, of beautiful, happy
and cheerful. Feel carefree and positive.
Go softly and lovingly in a tough society full of frustration, lust, greed and jealousy’. Aleksander Willemse strives to ‘mask’ all the badness in the world offering the spectator his ‘feel-good’ art.